Head and Spinal Injury Claims

Head and Spinal Injury Claims

Head & Spinal Injury Claims

Suffering a serious head or spinal injury that wasn’t your fault is a catastrophic event which affects all aspects of life. All the little things that are taken for granted are no longer possible or are difficult to achieve.

It is also well known by those who have been involved with a head or spinal injury that it affects not only the injured person but also the whole family, causing enormous pressures and strains on personal relationships, careers and everyday life. There is a serious need for a tremendous amount of support, both physically and emotionally.

Heptonstalls are experts in head and spinal injury claims and we are here to support both you and your family throughout your claim. We seek to combine effective advice with sensitivity and understanding. We aim to be actively involved in your rehabilitation – to set this up, to obtain interim payments where possible, to fund these services AND to attend review meetings.

We are here to help you get your life back on track and get you the compensation you deserve.